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And It All Started Like This....

While growing up in the suburbs of NYC, for as long as I can remember, I was obsessed with vintage Levi’s.  As a teenager, I would scour thrift shops and second hand stores to find the perfect pair.  By the time I grew up, I had amassed quite a collection of timelessly cool vintage Levi’s.
Fast forward about 30 years..I was looking for a way to channel my obsession with the Levi’s to create something unique and beautiful, while being kind to the planet….I started searching the market for gorgeous, perfectly worn textiles to combine with carefully cut up Levi’s jeans to give them a new life as modern bags and accessories.

Today, I design and proudly display all of Blue Bell’s pieces in a small studio on a collective farm in Northern Israel, where I have lived with my husband and 3 sons for the past 17 years.   This rural, tranquil setting, between the Carmel Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea provides the perfect backdrop for inspiration and eco friendly creativity.
A little beachy,  a little boho and 100 percent ethical,   Blue Bell is the true embodiment of an accessories label with a conscience. Whether it’s a sack crafted from repurposed vintage Levi's, or a basic white tank top adorned with denim and fabric scraps,  each Blue Bell piece  is one–of-a-kind, handcrafted in Israel and original. 
I hope that you will enjoy and appreciate my creations.  No two are alike and the stock is constantly changing so check back often, and reach out to me anytime if you're looking for more details about a specific item.